There are several ways you can keep your energy bills down and here are some smart energy saving tips that are relatively easy to adopt:

  • Turn off appliances rather than leave on standby- saving of £30 per year
  • Switch off lights when you leave the room (even if they are energy saving) -  saving of £14 per year
  • Draught proof your home by blocking gaps in windows, doors and floorboards - saving of £25 per year
  • Install heating controls i.e. room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves - saving of £75 per year

But the biggest energy saving you can make is switching your energy supplier! If you have never switched your supplier or have not done so for a while then the average savings are around £300 per year! This is because most people are on standard tariffs which are usually the most expensive.

If you don't want to switch supplier and you are on a standard tariff check to see if your supplier has a cheaper deal than the one you are currently on. This is usually a fixed tariff. If so switching to this deal will save you money!


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