Since my last article the Government has announced today a package of support to help with the increasing costs of living and energy bills.

Every household will get a payment of £400 towards their energy bills this October. This is £200 more than previously announced, and it does not have to be repaid!

Direct debit and credit customers will have this payment credited to their accounts and pre-payment customers will have the money applied to the meter or paid via a voucher.

In addition to the above there is further support for the elderly, disabled and poorest households which includes:

  • A one off payment of £650, for those on means tested benefits to be paid directly into their bank accounts in two lump sums in July and October.
  • A separate one off payment of £300 to pensioner households.
  • A separate one off payment of £150 for those receiving disabilty benefits.
  • An extension to the emergency Household Support Fund by a further £500 which is allocated by councils in England.

Some households may qualify for all the payments which could mean a total payment of £1500!

There is also the one off council tax rebate of £150, previously announced,  for those living in A-D rated properties.

This package has been described by many experts, including Martin Lewis from, as being more generous than expected! It should help everyone, especially those most in need with the increasing cost of energy bills which are expected to go up again in October by over £800 with a typical household bill rising to £2800!

Don't forget the energy savings that you can also make in the home that can save you more money! - See the smart energy saving page for tips and guides.

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