Solar Panels (PV)

The cost of  having solar panels installed has dropped quite a bit over the years and a decent sized 3.5kw system now costs under £5000. Also with the price of energy soaring recently, and is unlikey to change for a while, generating your own solar energy for free can help reduce your energy costs!

While the Feed In Tariff has now ended this has been replaceed with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which pays householders for any electricity they generate and don't use that is then exported back to the national grid.

The savings you make will depend on the size of your solar power system, how much electricity you use and whether you are at home during the day to use the energy you are generating. Based on Energy Saving Trust estimates the average household with a 3.5kw system will save between £170 to £440 per year off their energy bills.

The SEG is a requirement on energy suppliers with over 150,000 customers to offer tariffs to customers and which pays a set rate for every  kilowatt hour (kwh) generated from your solar panels that you don't use.

The  SEG rates (tariifs) range depending on what energy supplier you go with so you will need to do some research to find the best tariff! Some are fixed and others variable which mean you will need to keep an eye on the rate as they can change. Crucially you do not have to go with the same supplier that provides your electricity!

The Energy Saving Trust estimates and average household could make £75 -£100 per year based on a rate of 3.99p/kwh.

The price of a typical 3.5kw system is approximately £4800 and again based on The Energy Saving Trust figures the break even point for an average home is 9+ years.

The Energy Saving Trust have a useful solar panel calculator which you can use to work out how long it would take you to break even:

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