Switching energy supplier is easy

Switching energy supplier is easy and can save you hundreds of pounds! So why is it then that still so few of us switch our gas and electricity and are paying more than they need for their gas and electricity?

Experts believe that one of the reasons that householders don’t switch suppliers is because they don’t believe the promised savings will materialise.  

Reseach carried out  by The Guardian Money and Energyhelpline.com  showed the average saving was £217 per year! The research also revealed how a 100% green electricity tariff can be the cheapest – and greenest – option!

With energy customers facing higher bills during the Coronavirus lockdown, using 30%  more electricity now that most of us are spending more time at home there is a concern that that this will leave customers who usually are in credit on their account with nothing to fall back on during the colder months of the year.

According  to Energy Helpline the easiest way to bring your bills down and avoid this anxiety is to switch supplier. Fixed deals with smallers suppliers are often the best option!

Findings from Energy Helpline showed that the highest use of energy came from cold appliances like  fridges and freezers. TVs, and stereo usage was also  up and households having longer showers.

Look at your energy usage in the home and see if you can make changes that will save you energy and money.

 See our Smart Energy Saving page for ways to save..




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Switching energy supplier is easy and can save you hundreds of pounds! So why is it then that so few of us switch our gas and electricity.
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