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If you require a more detailed energy review, with a full tariff comparison calculation and help with switching supplier then our prices start from only £55!
Note: The free energy review includes a review of your energy bills and a brief tariff comparison calculation. to see if you can save by switching!

Many people across the UK are paying more than they should be for their energy supply because they:

  • Have never switched their energy provider 
  • Are on a standard variable tariff   
  • Don’t know how or are afraid to switch
  • Have switched before and then given up
  • Have not had the time

Whichever of these reasons the chances are that there is a better deal out there for you! According to Ofgem (the energy regulator) switching supplier or energy tariff can save around £300 per year!

There are lots of new energy suppliers now so you are not limited to the Big Six! If you are using a comparison site to switch make sure you choose one that allows you to see the whole market! If you are not sure which of the smaller suppliers you should switch to  look for the ones which have a good customer rating. They might not be the cheapest but they will be cheaper than staying on a standard tariff or switching to one of the Big Six!


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